After 11 day cruise, spent the day in Miami.

Onboard the Norwegian Sun. After all the food & entertainment, sitting on your balcony looking at that blank slate of the ocean is awe-some. I think afternoon crepes were our favorite.

St. Thomas- Stopped for a cappuccino in one of those beautiful alleyways. 2 mile stroll back to the ship, around the bay

Guadalupe- a French island in the Caribbean. They speak French, currency is in euros, 80% of the visitors to this island are from France. The most colorful farmers market you will ever see!

Barbados- the sand here is amazing, it is the softest creamy white, with flecks of pink. After a long day of shopping and a nap at the Beach Club, we grabbed some dinner and ate on our balcony.
Barbados is famous for it’s Sea Turtles . Top pic is one that we spotted while eating dinner. That is sunrise, not sunset!

Curaçao- The island is dry with lots of cactus. When you come here it’s for one thing, the beautiful beaches!

Onboard Norwegian sun

Bird’s eye view of the arch in St Louis, Miami, onboard Norwegian Sun.

Hope I don’t need this on our 3 hr layover. #signs #St.Louis #travel #vacation

Hope I don’t need this on our 3 hr layover. #signs #St.Louis #travel #vacation